Research findings to date (26/4/16, 5:30 pm)

Research findings:

Accessed 23/4/16 (Abigail)

Article from the Guardian which explains the challenges faced by toy and app developers when insuring diversity in their products – this includes unconscious bias that comes to the surface, the difficulty around testing on children during development (because children are often conditioned to be drawn to gendered products), ensuring products are racially and economically diverse as well as gender neutral and facing criticism from the public and ‘feminist’ critics. Companies and developers mentioned in the article include Goldie Blox, Toca-Boca, Tinybop and others. Also explained that although there is limited research on diversity in apps, studies involving reading shows children are more engaged/motivated when they can relate to characters.

Accessed 23/4/16 (Abigail)

‘As Marie Wilson, a long-term advocate of increasing female representation in American government and business, says: “You can’t be what you can’t see.”’

Accessed 23/4/16 (Abigail)

Discussing Toca Boca’s strategy and success

Accessed 23/4/16 (Abigail)

The impact of gendered toys/ forms of playing on children’s development

Accessed 23/4/16 (Abigail)

Gender neutrality in parenting and the impact it has on children.


PR material relating to topic:

Tinybop: (Abigail)

Goldie Blox: (Abigail) – interesting comments


Toca Boca:


UNICEF report on gender equality and discrimination


Toca Boca: (Chiara)

Responses to FAQ

Provides background information and insight into Toca Boca philosophy and aims as well as their own research regarding gender bias toys and games and their own developments.

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