Who are the interest groups? -Chiara

The interest groups of the App developers are the parents and families of young children, any institution that may supply kids with apps to play on such as schools and child care centers, and of course, young children themselves.

The parents, families and child care institutions are the primary consumers of apps and games developed by the producers of said apps and therefore make up a major part in the target group for the products. It is these groups that spend money on apps for children and it is these groups that require the majority of convincing.

Families and child care institutions want to know that the apps and games they are buying for their kids are engaging, fun and beneficial to the child’s learning and development. This makes them the target group for marketing and advertising strategies. The developers must make it clear that their products are beneficial for the child’s learning and development and won’t cause the child any harm in order for their products to gain success in the market and reach their intended consumers.

The children who play the apps are considered the primary focus as gender neutral apps are developed with a key interest in the development of children and are intended to be used by kids as a means of fun and activity. The apps serve a primary focus on creating entertainment for children and therefore the app must be enjoyed by children in order for them to be successful. The apps must also uphold the developers aim of being gender neutral in order to have the positive effect intended on the children consuming the app.

Children are also seen as having an influence on consumption as parents are often likely to give into the child’s nagging. Therefore it is important to engage children and find a way to interest and engage the child to want to play their games.  

Founder and CEO of Toca Boca, Bjorn Jeffery says, “Parents will often admit that they don’t really understand the inherent appeal and fascination of our apps, and what is appealing to a child is very different to what appeals to an adult. Adults tend to be focused on rules, and on the ‘right’ way to do something, whilst kids tend to be much more open minded when it comes to play. Treating children like little adults in this context doesn’t make sense, and because of this we make apps that are more about discovery and participation.”

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