Who is involved? – Chiara

The issue of diversity in children’s games, reaches out further than just companies who prioritise diversity in kids games such as Toca Boca, it involves all children games developers, regardless of their approaches to gender binaries in toys as well as parents, educations facilities and any other consumers of the products.

Although companies like Toca Boca, Goldie Blox and Tinypop are all companies that make a conscious effort to produce gender neutral games for kids, their goal to achieving gender diversity in kid’s games, is largely dependant on the consumer. It is the families and parents who buy these toys for kids, meaning that it is the consuming adults who control the consumption of these products for children, not the children themselves.

Therefore it can be said that the issue of gender bias in kids apps includes all games producers and developers as they are responsible for the diversity of games available to children, marketing and advertisement as they are responsible for promoting gender neutral kid’s games and of course the families of the kids as well as the kids themselves. As the consumers of the products, it is important to ensure that the availability and benefits of gender neutral kids apps are received by the families and it is equally important that the children using these apps find them enjoyable and engaging.

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