Group mid-project review


  • What aspect of your individual work on the project are you satisfied with?


Kasia: Trying to get in-depth research so I knew more about this complex topic and could contribute to discussion

Anna: I am satisfied with catching up/fitting into the group after missing a week and getting into the research and group discussion

Chiara: I was satisfied with my findings and contributions on the project as well as my contribution to discussion.

Abigail: I’m really satisfied with the presentation of the ‘issue’ itself, happy with the research I did in the first week and my understanding of the issue.


  • What aspect of your individual work on the project would you like to improve?


Kasia: Maybe the understanding of what the project is asking for, and developing background and research before jumping to ideas

Anna: I think i need to improve in the research area of this project – doing some more of my own research to contribute to our research document so I have a better understanding of the issue like the other girls do – and so I am able to better analyze the issue have therefore have more informed ideas for our stories. Also my presentation skills.

Chiara: I would like to improve communication with all team members and make sure that everyone is able to access documents and important information related to the project.

Abigail: I would like to improve my part in communication elements, i.e. check more thoroughly that all team members are ‘in the loop’ and can access/understand the discussion. I would also like to become more calm and less anxious so I’m not constantly checking in with people, and understand that everyone has different timetables.


  • What aspect of the team’s work on the project are you satisfied?


Kasia: Meeting outside of class to work on it, if people had questions about the project then we could seek the others’ feedback

Anna: Ii was really happy with everyone presentation skills, it think we all spoke well considering we were all nervous about speaking in front of the class when we met up before class.

Chiara: I was happy with everyone’s different approaches and contributions to the project. I felt that everyone’s contributions were constructive and helpful.

Abigail: I’m happy that we committed to meet and check in on various occasions, particularly before class, as this was really helpful in consolidating all of our material as well as our understanding of the tasks. I’m happy that everyone took responsibility for their own tasks and that we used collaborative technology like google docs and google slides.


  • What aspect of the team’s work on the project would you like to improve?


Kasia: Maybe more constructive feedback and being very honest when needed about individual delegated tasks, as they end up being group tasks anyway

Anna: I think we could work more as a group, meet up all together and discuss things to get all our different insights and ideas on the issue and the stories we are creating instead of doing all separate work

Chiara: I think that we could all improve on communication skills and working together on a similar level and understanding each other’s ideas and contributions as well as giving each other constructive feedback to help everyone improve.

Abigail: I think we could improve by keeping everybody equally in the loop and checking in as a group very regularly, although we have already improved on this quite a bit during the second week of the assignment. We could work on giving each other more constructive criticism and editing each other’s work.



  • List some basic suggestions for how you could make these individual and team improvements happen


Kasia: Speech and presentation practice in front of each other and making sure we’re confident

Anna: we could improve our presentation skills by aiming to all be speaking from memory in our next presentation (maybe)

Chiara: We could improve our communication skills by frequently checking how everyone is going with their project and how everyone is managing their workload.

Abigail: We could practice our presentation a few more times next time to ensure we’re within the time limit, we could have everyone check in on the group chat every couple days, we could keep focused on the task requirements by posting the rubric on the group Google Doc and checking things off it individually.


Overall strengths:

Overall we’re satisfied with everyone’s commitment to meeting outside of class and committing to contribute to the conversation. We’re satisfied with the overall quality of our presentation and research.


Overall potential for improvement:

Overall we realise that the areas for improvement are our communication skills; we would like to make more effort as a team to check that every member is able to access materials and contribute to the tasks. We also would like to make more effort in ensuring that everyone understands the overall assignment as well as their own personal responsibilities within the project.

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