Story ideas:

Journalism story:

The use of gender neutral/ inclusive apps and digital media in a local primary school classroom to empower and engage children from diverse backgrounds or with special needs

News values: Human interest, currency/timeliness, proximity

Target audience: parents, teachers, schools, education, technology and childhood development, local residents

Article published in print newspaper and online. Includes photo and video content

Sources would include teachers, principals, student support staff, childhood development experts, individual children and their parents. App developers could be contacted for comment.


Media story:

  • Use of a website as a collaborative page for people to share their childhood experiences with gendered games and encounters with discrimination or stereotypes.
  • Space where people can contribute their ideas, opinions and experiences regarding gender diversity in children’s games.
  • Collaborative space where all parties can contribute to each other’s ideas and provide comment/feedback


Advertising story:

  • Campaign funded by government together with Play Unlimited and the Australian Council on Children and the Media
  • Interactive bus/tram shelters – shareable images and hashtag
  • Snapchat geofilters, lenses and Discover

ad indmap 2

PR story:

Let Toys be Toys Good Practice Award  – “recognises toy retailers and booksellers who are marketing inclusively to all children, without ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ labels or colour-coded signage”

  • Media release detailing the credentials and importance of the award
  • Development of social media
    • Facebook page
    • Target parent blogs and forums
  • Launch of another award for manufacturers/producers of gender neutral children’s toys/apps



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