Kasia – individual mid-project reflection

Given the opportunity, half way through this assessment, to reflect on our teamwork and collaboration I think we’ve gone very well! No voodoo dolls or rude comments, instead a friendly team willing to share and welcome each other’s ideas. Teamwork is so necessary and prevalent in every part of life (work, family, friend groups etc) that to practice it in an academic context is expected and something to get used to for the next couple of years.

The roles were quite evenly split in our group, with everyone conducting research and analysing artifacts and coming up with ideas for stories. Common nerves, like not believing in our ability to present in public, were eased when we practiced presenting our parts in front of each other and everyone responded with positive feedback and hints on how to improve our sections. I think we might have different learning styles and preferences, for example I like a combination of visual, written and verbal information to show my process (love a good diagram and discussion), and others in the group prefer writing to show their information. This wasn’t a hindrance, rather a chance to combine everyone’s skill-set and styles together to create an innovative project and showcases the Tjosvold reading’s point, of the potential of teams.

It’s always difficult to step back and assess your contribution to something, I think I bring positive things to the team like enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the project but could always improve. Areas like time management and thorough planning I should place an importance on, as I’ve found in other group or individual endeavours, that I focus on the most interesting or creative areas and can tend to get distracted and neglect the backbone of the project.

I’ve found it beneficial, especially with this group project, to remind myself that other people are relying on me to fulfil a specific role and I don’t want to let them and myself down, so it’s a strong motivator to get cracking and back to work. In this particular team, we’re lucky that we all share a common cooperative goal of wanting to do our best in this class and can dedicate extra time and work into achieving this together.

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