mid project reflection – ANNA

Coming in a week late after missing the tutorial where groups were decided I was unsure what exactly the assessment was, what had already been done but also of the team dynamics. After meeting with the group in the next Friday workshop I quickly got up to speed with the assessment requirements and then what the group had already done – after reading there extensive research I started to do some of my own and got engaged with the topic and the problems it poses.

After a few initial communication problems, like myself not being able to access the group chat, as a group I think we have managed to work well together throughout the project and communicate effectively whether it be through our blog, numerous google docs, group chat or at meetings that we have regularly before class to discuss what has been done and needs to be done. When it comes to group I won’t usually put myself forward immediately as the leader or coordinator, however if I am needed to I have experience I and feel confident doing it. I think another thing that is working well in our group is we have recognized each other’s strengths and what aspects of the project we all feel comfortable with and have split up the responsibilities accordingly. I was delegated the role of focusing on the PR discipline and developing the relevant research and story for this area. I am really enjoying this area as I feel most confident with the PR out of the four disciplines.

I think our first presentation went well, I was happy with my part but also all my team member’s parts. We were all nervous about presenting in front of the class but I think we all spoke well in the end and it gives me more confidence going into the next presentation. We received feedback to work on the length of our presentation as we went over time, I think we can easily amend this problem for the next presentation. We were also reminded to not jump to far ahead and create the whole story but to focus on the key research and information that helps us develop the stories such as the target public and the key messages. I have therefore set myself the goal of undertaking more research into the underrepresented voices of diversity in marketing.

Going forward with the project I think our team could improve by meeting up more regularly and doing more group discussion and work as a whole team rather than splitting up all tasks between us. As discussed in week seven this will help develop more innovative ideas as all four of us working together will not only improve how efficiently we get the work done but quality of the work as four heads is better than one!



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