Chiara – Individual Reflection

As a group we managed to get the job done to what I feel was a very satisfactory standard and I believe that we all worked well and cooperatively together in order to achieve our goals and complete tasks. I felt that my role in the group was to complete my section of the project to a high standard as well as participate in conversation and give constructive feedback and assistance to other members of the group. I believe that we were very good when all together, at working as a team and dividing the work load fairly and completing tasks on time and to a high standard. I do however believe that we can learn from the feedback given by our tutor after our presentation and work on areas that need improvement such as time management and presentation skills. I think that there were some areas of the project that we perhaps put too much of an emphasis on and that in future we could perhaps cut back the detail on certain areas such as the Public Relations segment and focus on other aspects of the project and develop our ideas further.

Relating back to the conversations held in class during week 7 about teamwork, I think it was useful to reflect on this in week 9 and think more about our strengths and weaknesses as a group. I think that we could work better with our communication skills as well as working together as a team more. I believe that all allocated tasks were of a good standard, however there is always room for improvement.

In order to improve our communication skills and complete our project to an even higher standard, all members need to communicate more through our established group chat and google document as well as meet more regularly. I think that meeting more regularly and discussing our tasks more with the  group will allow us to understand each person’s method and standard of working better and give us a chance to help each other improve and work even better together as a group.

The goal I have set myself as a member of this group is to initiate conversation and meet ups more frequently and share my individual work and research with the group even more. I hope that this allows the rest of the group to understand how I work best as well as giving myself a chance to do the same.

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