Team notes



What of the feedback do we need to improve on?


  • When developing your new storylines, remember to use your research findings to identify the answers to the guiding questions provided for each discipline (week 8 workshop) first. Those answers will then inform your final messages/outcomes etc.
  • Time limit – remember for next time




Choosing a client: PR, Let Toys be Toys, Play Unlimited

Developing research ideas?


Who are the stakeholders in the issue?

Producers of the toys


Consumers: parents and children

Activist groups (i.e. Play Unlimited)

Government/economy – STEM fields


How effectively are they communicating their position?

Producers and consumers good at communicating their position because they are corporate, lots of money for ads

Consumers – parents, children and activist: individually they have spending power but the groups are fragmented, not aware of opportunities for change, or the alternatives. Socially conditioned, not able to access information on lack of diversity. Research needs to be more available for them.  Activists and consumer rights groups need more of a voice to harness the power of the collective.


Who is not communicating their position effectively?

Activist, parent groups such as Play Unlimited haven’t been able to reach a large audience of concerned parents and children (consumers) harnessing their power to make a difference.


Who is not represented?

Kids (individual experiences) and researchers

Activist groups very underrepresented


Choose a stakeholder whose position needs better communication.

Play Unlimited.


Find research between children interacting with physical toys and digital ‘toys’

Research our target public and demographic’s attitudes towards gender neutrality


  1. Justify the similarities between physical and digital toys
  2. Finish answering questions for PR
  3. Develop the PR idea further – press releases sent to parents magazines, blogs and sharing online, facebook


Context: starts so early, before you even get to an app. Let toys be toys award, Australia


Decision: we have chosen the PR topic (Play Unlimited) but we need to do more research around THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PHYSICAL TOYS AND DIGITAL MEDIA, as well as defining WHAT POINT GENDER DIFFERENCES ARE FORCED UPON CHILDREN.

RESEARCH: – lots of links at the bottom of the page!!!

For Kasia and Anna (and Chiara):

Over the weekend:

  1. Do extensive research around the effect of both physical toys AND digital toys, explaining that the issue involves targeting physical toy manufacturers and retailers as well as apps like Toca Boca. **RESEARCH, SPECIFIC REFERENCES NEEDED *
  2. Explain the research that led to us choosing Play Unlimited: the fact that Let Toys Be Toys has had success in the UK, that they have limited publicity as an organisation BUT the success of their campaign No Gender December shows parents and governments ARE interested and invested in the issue. *SPECIFIC REFERENCES NEEDED**
  3. Develop a PR campaign that specifically involves Press Releases and social media engagement with parents and other activist or government groups, linking up various ‘centres’ of interest groups.


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