500 word report draft (Abigail)

What was the feedback after Presentation 1 that most influenced the further development of your ideas?


  • When developing your new storylines, remember to use your research findings to identify the answers to the guiding questions provided for each discipline (week 8 workshop) first. Those answers will then inform your final messages/outcomes etc.


This feedback really influenced our development of the ideas because it reminded us not to skip ahead to the tactics and overall grand vision, but instead ground all of our work in research and link it all back to the topic that way. It helped us develop our PR idea further as with more extensive research we were able to identify the perfect organisation to represent (Play Unlimited) and explain why this client in particular was having difficulty in getting their message out. It was also through research that we were able to narrow the focus of the journalism pitch, moving away from the vague and assumptive topic of ‘technology in the classroom’ and identifying a unique niche for toca boca in special needs education, allowing us to develop a story idea far more unique in its angle.


  • Remember to stay within the time limit!


We went three minutes over the time limit in the first presentation, partly because of a lack of tightly organised cooperation in terms of who said what and for how long. We took this feedback seriously and practiced our second presentation a number of times, working as a group to cut down on different sections and ensure we wouldn’t speak any longer for ten minutes. This was also a valuable process because it made our presentation more focussed and concise and thus hopefully more engaging overall.

What did you do differently after this point? Why?

After the first presentation we focussed more on practicing our presentation and giving clear and constructive criticism, as well as concentrating on our research and ensuring we didn’t deviate from it in any way. Essentially we took both our communication as a team and our research to another level, investigating the issue at its ‘root’ and including only the essential points in our final presentation.

What did you realise you had missed? OR could do better?

Any lightbulb or lightening-bolt moments?

We realised that at times, it had been unclear whether we were addressing the ‘problem’ of gender inequality itself, or the problem for our client, leading to some confusion. We also had been unclear on the actual format of the final presentation so Monday’s seminar was really helpful in clarifying what exactly was needed from us and how we could structure our research around that.

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