500 Word Report Draft (Chiara)

What was the feedback after Presentation 1 that most influenced the further development of your ideas?

  • Use your research findings to identify the answers to the guiding questions provided for each discipline first. Also keep in mind the time limit for the presentation.

This advice/feedback really changed the way we approached the tasks at hand: making sure not to rush ahead until we made sure we had done all our research and confirmed that our outcomes were in accordance with our background information. Having these steps covered gave way to the development of our tactics and strategy. The feedback also made us think about a lot of aspects and elements of the project that we had not focussed on in our research and this enabled us to alter our approach to better fit the criteria.

We were also extremely conscious of the time limit for the presentation after our feedback, and we were definitely more aware of how important it is to make sure we do not exceed the time limit. This certainly had an effect on what information we prioritised and how much time we allocated to each section of the presentation.

What did you do differently after this point? Why?

After the feedback, the area we felt needed the most attention and improvement was sticking by the time limit for the presentation. In order to do this we definitely focused on how much information we were to include on each section of our presentation, this meant that we had to consider which aspects were the most important and needed the most time. In order to make time for the most important components of the presentation, we had to work out which areas we could cut back on and work out ways in which we could shorten the presentation of information in order to not go overtime. In this process, we spent a lot of time rehearsing our presentation and timing each person’s segments in order to work out which specific areas needed improving or shortening. During this process we gave lots of constructive criticism and had a lot of focus on getting the time limit right.

What did you realise you had missed? OR could do better?

The feedback certainly highlighted the importance of relating our research to our ideas and outcomes and in doing this we realised that we could improve on linking our research to our outcomes more efficiently and accurately in order to improve the quality and success of our campaign.

We also realised how important it was to make sure our presentation was within the time limit and so to make sure we did this, we spent a lot of time rehearsing and timing ourselves and giving constructive feedback and advice on how to present the information in the most time efficient manner.

Any lightbulb or lightening-bolt moments?

I don’t feel that there was one significant lightbulb moment, but I do feel that we were all surprised at how quick ten minutes feels when presenting and I believe that this realisation after our first presentation really paved the way for us to focus more attention on meeting the time requirements.

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