Reflective blog post: Abigail

The second stage of this project was one of team clarification and development, delving deeper and refining our ideas and practicing our presentation skills as well. I felt more confident giving feedback in team meetings and also more comfortable stepping back from some tasks and seeing  them be developed by others in the team.

I continued to be somewhat anxious about the actual presentation and keen to adhere pretty strictly to the project guidelines which could have been frustrating for other members of the team. However, in the end I think we found a really great balance of all the elements in our research and idea development. One thing I found frustrating was that we actually did so much good research that it was impossible to showcase more than a fraction of it in the 10 minutes we had to present.

I saw during this second stage of the presentation how teamwork can work really well, in that it brings together fresh ideas and perspectives, ultimately creating a more vibrant final product. The SWOT analyses and background research done around PR and diversity and marketing were really interesting, especially for me as I had focussed on journalism so I was really learning new things when we came together in team meetings and I heard what others had been researching.

That is not to say the teamwork process was flawlessly executed — there were serious organisational difficulties stemming from the absence of various members at meetings, but our online communication went a long way in making up for this. Reflecting on this, I was reminded of Mau’s manifesto from earlier in the term; the “conflict, friction, strife” that goes hand in hand with the “exhilaration, delight and vast creative potential” (Mau, 1998) of collaboration. I think at times, my anxiety about the tasks meant that I didn’t “listen carefully” as Mau suggests, but I do think that I learned from the experience. In the future, I would repeat the assessment in quite a similar manner but with more of a focus on avoiding stress and anxiety and trusting in the teamwork process to produce a final product.

Mau, B., 1998, An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Available from:

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