Reflective Blog Post (Chiara)

I felt that the second half of the project was made much clearer by our previous experience and the feedback we received after our first presentation. I felt more comfortable with trusting others to complete tasks and I felt less stressed and anxious this time around. I personally find group projects really stressful and at times challenging simply because I feel that I work best alone and I really struggle working with people who work differently to how I do. After the first presentation and round of feedback, I did feel more comfortable with this as I knew my team members better and had a better understanding of how they worked and this gave me comfort and made me realise that I do have to adjust my working style in order to be a better team member. I definitely feel most comfortable being the leader of a group and found it challenging but beneficial to step back and work as equal team members, I also found this to be less stressful as I didn’t feel solely responsible for the project. I was really happy with how we communicated and worked as a team for the second presentation, I felt that the online chat was a huge success and that everyone was regularly contributing and this made the whole process run a lot smoother. Working together to get the presentation up to scratch was really interesting as I felt like I was learning from my other team members and hearing their perspectives and ideas was actually really helpful. I felt that by all contributing and communicating regularly, we were able to understand each other better and thus our teamwork skills had improved drastically.  I personally found the journalist pitch and background research to be really interesting and I felt that I learned a lot from these areas of the project that other members of the group had done. I also found the SWOT analysis to be really helpful in understanding the direction of our campaign and I felt that it was done really well. The only real issue that I felt had a negative affect on the group was our listening skills, I did feel as times as though we did not listen to each other and that this made improving a slow process. I believe this occurrence was largely due to the stress levels we felt and I think when stressed it can be difficult to hear the concerns of other people. I definitely feel as though I am a perpetrator of this and will definitely try and work on my listening skills and management of stress.

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