Ideas for final group 500w report Kasia

What was the feedback after Presentation 1 that most influenced the further development of your ideas?

I think it was definitely the feedback we received to not jump ahead and rush to developing ideas, rather take time to properly research and fully understand our complex topic.

What did you do differently after this point? Why?

We sort of switched course and did more extensive research before choosing exactly which disciplines we should develop story ideas for. All this gave us knowledge we could later transfer to the two disciplines we chose (Journalism and PR) and base our ideas around it.

What did you realise you had missed? OR could do better?

Going a little bit over the 10 minutes really gave us a focus for the second presentation to try and be more succinct and condense important information.

Any lightbulb or lightening-bolt moments?

Possibly when we realised how important the ‘marketing’ component of the topic was, it wasn’t just about gendered toys but how toys were marketed to different genders also. This gave us a opportunity to approach the topic from a different angle, a slightly more manageable one.

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