Final assessment reflective blog – Kasia

After presenting on Friday, and feeling immense relief that we had completed all the in-class public speaking for this assessment, it’s now time to look back and reflect on the overall project.

I would classify it as a successful team project, one with clear communication (withstanding mishaps and technological issues) and objectives. Presenting on such a complex issue and having to address so many questions was aided by the fact it was a four person effort and we were able to achieve much more than we would have individually. Again, the nervousness of presenting again but with a larger audience and being marked this time, was helped by the positivity and constructive feedback of the group when we rehearsed our speech together ahead of time on the day.

Personally, I found determining what were the really vital parts of my segments on background and key message issues research difficult and ultimately needed the team members’ assistance to cut down and condense what I really needed to say. I was proud of everyone on how we managed to fit in everything we needed in a slick under ten minute presentation and this could be attributed to our great preparation and organisation beforehand. I think for me personally, I used to ‘wing’ public speaking throughout school as I hated speeches consisting of just reading off a page, and this worked for me. However, with this amount of research I found it helpful to pre plan exactly what I wanted to say and reduce the chance of stumbling and uncertainty. This change in my approach to the task may also have been because it was a group project, I didn’t want to be the weak link and let down the presentation by messing up a part I was responsible for and I think everyone ended up doing really well despite initial hesitance and qualms.

If it had been an individual project I probably would have extended the part I found most interesting (research) and neglected the pertinent sections of for example, tactics and objectives, so I’m really grateful the team was there to refocus me and make sure time allocation was correct so we ended up addressing the criteria. After a semester of Prof Comm (which has gone by so fast), I think it was a great way to tie in what we’ve learnt about multiple disciplines as well as use our communication skills together.

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