final reflection blog post – ANNA

Reflecting on the project as a whole I think our team did a really good job of addressing the topic, working together as a group, responding to feedback and presenting. In the second stage of the assessment we focused on developing our stories in the chosen disciplines journalism and PR. We first addressed the feedback from our first presentation and carried out more research to gain a better understanding of the underrepresented voice and therefore a more refined direction for our stories.

I think the project was a really good way to finish the subject as it combined everything we have learnt so far in the course and enabled us to put it into practice and gave us the opportunity to feel as if we were working in the industry, for example through the process of developing the stories we got an insight into the work of a PR practitioner as we took on a client Play Unlimited (the underrepresented voice of the issue) and worked on objectives and tactics to broaden their reach and have their voice heard in the issue.

As a group I think we maintained good communication throughout the development of the stories and the whole project even when group members were absent from the workshops or meetings, we managed to work around that using online chat and/or work on our google documents. An aspect of the project that the group found hard was being able to actually breakdown the topic as it is a really big issue and we did so much research but had to sort through and analyse that and find what was relevant and useful for the development of our stories. In the second half of the project we engaged in more group discussions, these were really useful for getting feedback on work we were doing but also getting everyone’s input and opinion on all aspects of the assessment and helped us breakdown the huge topic into a succinct ten minute presentation.

Coming into Professional Communications, I wasn’t able to distinguish the difference between advertising and PR, but through all the work this semester and then actually going through the process of developing stories this became clear. During the development stage I was again delegated work on the PR story, however even though I only worked on the PR story this project helped to understand the key differences in the four disciplines through the work my other team members did on journalism but also though listening to all the other presentations which included media and advertising stories.

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