ideas for 500w group report – ANNA

What was the feedback after Presentation 1 that most influenced the further development of your ideas?

  • To do more research into the background of the issue and answer the initial questions given for each discipline before jumping ahead and creating/developing the stories
  • We went over time by a couple of minutes

What did you do differently after this point? Why?

  • Went back and did further research on target audience and developed key messages before starting objectives and tactics so these became more relevant to the issue and publics
  • Chose what information to included more carefully and timed our presentation numerous times before to ensure it was under 10 mins

What did you realise you had missed? OR could do better?

  • More extensive research needed to be done
  • To stay in the time limit

Any lightbulb or lightening-bolt moments?

At the beginning of the project a couple of us were having problems breaking down the topic and working out exactly what we were meant to do in each of the stories, after speaking with tutors and re-reading the topic ‘diversity in marketing’ we had a lightbolt moment with the word ‘marketing’ in the topic as we have been trying to tackle the whole issue of diversity, but now understood what to focus our research and stories on.  

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