Teamwork Final Review

How well did you adhere to these team agreements as an individual team member? What did you stick to? What did you find difficult?

Abigail: In terms of team agreements, I think I definitely adhered to them although looking back they are perhaps a little vague. I made an effort to come to every class and meeting, in order to be confident in my understanding of the tasks and where we were ‘at’ in the process. I found it difficult to come on time to meetings (I was normally maybe 5 minutes late) and also was unsure as to what exact role I should play in the development of the PR pitch, as I had primarily focussed on and taken responsibility for the journalism pitch.

Kasia: I think I adhered to the guidelines, as they were quite clear on what the group expected of me and what I wanted from the other members of the team. For me, the most important aspects were supporting each other, seeking clarification and communicating and something I did well with and attending all meetings/workshops.

Chiara: I believe that I adhered to the team agreements on the most part; I completed assignments tasks to a high standard and contributed to the group, however I believe I could improve my communication skills by being present at more team meetings. I think that I completed all tasks and made an effort to do this to a high standard and I also made an effort to complete these tasks within a reasonable timeframe, while still giving plenty of detail and background research. I found it difficult to attend all group meetings at university given that I was not able to be present to all of these meetings due to personal circumstances.

Anna: Looking through the agreement I did my best to adhere to all the guidelines, despite missing the first class I think I was able to pick up an even workload and I hope the rest of the group agrees!

What aspect of your individual teamwork skills would you improve the most?

Abigail: I could definitely work on relaxing and being more calm in my communication with others in the group. I would like to be more clear in the future with my expectations of myself and others. In the future I would focus more from the beginning on setting really clear expectations: i.e. 3 meetings a week, checking in online every other day. This way it would be easier to evaluate our progress as a team.

Kasia: I think taking a chance to step back and hear what other people were trying to say rather than rushing my ideas could be a good idea for next time. Sometimes, I can be a bit distracting and go off on tangents which doesn’t mesh well with people just trying to get work done fast.

Chiara: I think that I could definitely improve my listening skills, i felt that at times I did not always listen closely to other team member’s ideas or contributions. I would really like to improve this in future by having a more calm approach to group discussions and being less stubborn. I also think that my communication skills could be improved in other areas: being present at more meetings/giving advanced notice of my availability.

Anna: I think I need to have more confidence in my work in a group situation and share my thoughts and ideas more.

What aspect of the whole group’s teamwork are you happy with?

Abigail: I’m happy that we pulled together to present our assessment in a unified and concise manner, with everyone present for the meeting before our presentation. I was also happy with the constructive criticism we gave each other during that meeting, and with our commitment to finish the various tasks within the time limit.

Kasia: Overall we were really supportive of each other and group meetings were a handy idea since face-to-face communication is best for organising, and messages can’t be misconstrued or meaning changed, like other methods of communication can be,

Chiara: I was really happy with how we managed to work together so well and produce a cohesive presentation that flowed effortlessly. I felt that our presentation was really well put together and everyone’s work linked together really nicely and supported each other’s findings.

Anna: I think as a group we were really good at giving constructive criticism but also support to everyone on their work.

What could you all have done better as a team?

Abigail: The most challenging aspect and the thing that could definitely be improved in the future was attendance – it was difficult to develop some parts of the project and also to communicate effectively when our meetings were fragmented and most communication was online. However, we went some way towards rectifying this by frequently checking the group chat and working on tasks together in real time using google docs.

Kasia: This is hard to combat, but possibly technological issues like some people not having access to important documents we were working on due to tech/ communication issues or not being able to attend group meetings because of illness/work and other priorities.

Chiara: I think that the main area of improvement is attendance, I myself believe that this is something that I personally could improve on but overall I think that the some areas of the project would have been easier to complete/develop if all members were present at the group meetings. However I think we worked well online and were able to stay in close contact which was helpful, so I believe our overall communication wasn’t too bad but I do think that we could improve our face-to-face communication skills.

Anna: Overall I think we maintained good communication as group, however I think it could still be improved with more face-to-face meetings, rather than relying so heaving on online communication, as I think these are the most effective way of discussing things as a group. Although it is hard to organised these at a time when everyone is available, ensure all members are making an effort to attend.

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